Prices from 1.9.2018:

Bowling: 18 €/lane/hour

Students with studycard and pensioners: 15 €/lane/hour

School groups: 15 €/lane/hour (incl. shoe rent)

Groups who book the whole hall (6 lanes): 17 €/lane/hour

Disco bowling: 20 €/lane/hour

Students with studycard: Disco bowling 17 €/lane/hour

School groups: Disco bowling 17 €/lane/hour (incl. shoe rent)

Shoe rent: 1 €/person (included in competitions and for school groups)

Children party:
2 hours, bowling + shoe rent included, 2 trip/child or lemonade, chips, popcorn, sweets, biscuits, 1 ice cream/child. Normal or disco bowling. Price: 17 €/child.